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Hey kids, the new EP is finally out on Dadstache Records!!

I’m splitting it with my great friend and frequent collaborator Paul Crowther of The Real Burnouts, and we’re both quite proud of what we came up with. Great thanks to my friend JT at Dadstache for helping to facilitate this, the most fully realized of all of my many releases, and Zeno Pittarelli for his fine work mixing and mastering the whole damn thing.

Order it by clicking on the “music” tab, or go to the Bandcamp page and grab a cassette of your very own, you lucky devil!



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Howdy, Strangers…

Well, if I wasn’t screaming into the void two years ago, I sure as shit am now…

Ah, well. I figured it’s time to get back on the horse since I’ve lost about two years to navigating the rough and murky waters of grief, anxiety, depression, psychotropic medication-cum-benzodiazepine addiction, and the education-industrial complex. The Fig Mints have been on a recording hiatus due to lack of a comfortable environment in which to record, but a recent move to an infinitely more tolerable practice space has put the spring back in my step, and the tunes should start flowing shortly.


As of now the Figs have enough written material for two full albums! Of course, only a tiny fraction of that is recorded at present, but we’re working on it. I leaked a few on Soundcloud a while back, but the rest will be kept under wraps until we’re all like BOOM and you’re like WHAAAAAAAT???



So you get the picture. A new EP is coming out on Rochester, NY’s Dadstache Records split with the real burnouts, and a full length hopefully by the end of the year if we really hit it hard… We’re flipping the script and recording digitally but putting out that all-too-hip cassette shit now, so stay tuned!


Also, I’ve been playing guitar in my buddy Connor’s band Comfy. They’re fucking awesome and you need them in your life. Check out the Bandcamp page by going to


We’re on Instagram and Twitter! Check us out @fig_mints!

Here’s an example of what you might find:

You get the idea…

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Good News; Bad Cello (check it)

Hey, there’s a new Daydream Generation download out!!! Yeah, took me by surprise, too. But there’s a new Fig Mints demo nestled comfortably in the midst of a lot of great psych/folk/rock/et cetera that spans two downloads of goodness. Click the picture to get to The Daydream Generation website. Or just go to and look around (there are a lot of great records for FREE download including all 11 of the Daydream comps. The Figs are somewhere in there, too!)

And now that it’s summer, we’re looking to get back on the wagon and get some real work done with the next full length and maybe an EP as long as time and circumstances allow. Yup, things are still in the works and moving way too slowly to resemble anything like making progress, so we’re hoping to change that up soon.

If you’ve got some time and feel like checking out some really, really good music, dig my buddy Zeno doing his thing at This stuff is stellar, and he tours around so show some support!

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Pretend to be Proud

Hey everybody! So I’ve had a new EP out for a little while. Been a bit slow to update the webpage, mostly cos I’ve been busy, but partly cos Facebook postings took care of the initial release, so I just got lazy.

Anyway, here it is, Pretend to be Proud. My latest installment in whatever the hell it is that I do. Smally wrote a review that puffed me up pretty good, so thanks for that. Click this link to the Daydream Generation and read all about it. While you’re there, check out the other reviews and click on stuff. You never know what you might find!

So click on over to the music section to listen to Pretend to be Proud, read the review and maybe even buy a download… Hey, it’s only three bux. Diggit!

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Facebook? Ah, why not?

So now the Figs are on Facebook. Yeah, so everyone else is doing it, right? Anyway all it is now is just another way to look at the Bandcamp site, but we’ll see, eh? So like us or something.

Click here to go there.

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Something Strange…

So I go to college, right? Well, kinda… I attend classes at a community college in Utica, NY. Anyway, I was approached by my good friend and boss about producing a song that members of the nursing department wrote to go with a video that would be entered into a national contest, so I figured why not? So I recorded and mixed the song for them… And a fellow student filmed the video, which was produced by my friend and boss who did the fitness ninja stuff that you can see in the videos section… So anyway the video was entered into this national contest… And it kinda won. Weird. Maybe I should just hang up the original music and start producing other peoples’ stuff, eh?

So I figured I’d share it with y’all cos it put a bit of wind in my sails… It ain’t rock and roll by any stretch of the imagination, but these ladies are feelin’ it and I’m proud of ‘em.

In other news, the summer will bring much recording, and hopefully two EP’s and a full album from the Figs. Thinking about vinyl, but I ain’t got the dough… I hear kickstarter is good for that, but we’ll cross that bridge when and if, eh?


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New Videos & Shit

More news, freakazoids!

Check the videos section for a short film by Mike Zombek with soundtrack by Bobby and Paul Burnout. Not exactly the Figs, but most definitely rock and roll.

Also added in the videos section is the Figs’ cover of yet another Burnouts song called Find Me. Check it.

Don’t forget to tell your friends!

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Two Brand New Albums Out Today!

Alright, everybody! At long last, there are new Figs tracks available for purchase and download, both from the music section of the site.

Say Okay is the culmination of a year of songwriting and ridiculously tedious mixing throughout 2010. It’s been done for nearly a year now, and finally after all the mixing, remixing and monetary hangups, we’re able to bring it to you for a measly 5 buxxx! Of course I think it’s worth more, but be honest: who’s gonna pay more than 5 bucks for a DIY CD-R, no matter how fancy it looks?

Well, if you just said, “Why, I’d most certainly pay more than 5 dollars for your new songs, but thank you for being such a cheap date,” then I’ve got some news for ya. If you can scare up some more scratch, go to my Band Camp page here and buy the download with the option to donate a little more to the cause. Of course, you’ll still get the real CD in the mail; just make sure you drop a line and let me know where to send it!

Songs For My Friends And Those Girls is the newest of the new, and was written in a month or so between November and December of 2010. Not much time spent behind the wheel of this one; it mostly just spilled out of the various wounds that this past winter has inflicted, which are just now starting to heal. Read all about it at the Figs’ cllct page and download it for free in the music section.

This will be the Fig Mints farewell to cassettes and tape machines as the main recording tools. Of course, there will still be some lo-fi one offs and the like, including the upcoming releases of the two soundtracks for Zombek films that were recorded over the past couple years, but for the most part we’re going big!

So make sure you mosey on over to the music section of the site and scoop up some quality tunes for your summer.
Stay tuned, kiddies!

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New album almost done!


Don’t count the Fig Mints out! Say Okay has been hung up in tracking and mixing for the better part of 2010, but it’s finally done! Mastering and duplicating are the only tasks left at hand, and barring any cataclysmic event, release is slated for March of this year. Keep yr eyes on this space for further details.

In other news, there are two more Figs albums in the works this year; one of which will probably see the light of day before the summer, the other maybe by the end of the year or middle of 2012 at the latest. “Songs for my Friends” is an album of catharsis chronicling the very confusing, depressing, frustrating, sometimes infuriating, and frequently drunk late fall/early winter of 2010, and will be the Fig Mints’ farewell to cassette tapes. Yes, it’s true. We’ve gone …(gulp)… digital. You can’t expect to move forward by staying where you are, dig?

Which brings us to the next line of business. “Bad Age for the Underdog” (thanks Jason Raspa of Frogville for the suggestion!) will hopefully be the deep breath after the freak out. The beginning of better days to come, and a new take on songwriting and recording that may just yield the most polished and fully realized Figs record yet. Only time will tell, so make sure you keep on checking this space for details!

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New Daydream Generation Comps!

Up now for free download are the last two Daydream Generation compilations! Yeah, we’ve all heard the word “last” from Smally before, but each time seems more and more final and this just might be it, kiddies. No worries though; will remain in business for all you cats and kittens who haven’t downloaded each and every one of the countless wonderful records available for free, and surely there will be more to come!

The Fig Mints are proud to have been featured on each and every one of the DG comps. Number 10 is another place to hear “We Love You”, the single from the imminent album, Say Okay; and the Best Of DG features “A Piece of Fluff (For the Record Breaker)” from the album Exercises in Futility (available for a measly 5 bux in the music section of the site).

On the new music front, the wheels continue to spin. There is a new album in the works, which will be released for free by Winter’s end; Say Okay, which will be up for purchase before Springtime; and Bad Age for the Underdog, which will be worked on if not completed by the end of 2011, so watch out, world!

Keep your ears and minds open, kids!

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