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Hey, there’s a new Daydream site up, completely devoted to Quixodelic releases! It’s one-stop-shopping at its finest, so get ready for a flood of free freakouts and mindfucks. My leftovers EP, “The Passionate Misunderstanding” showed up on the Daydream Generation first, before making it over here, and now it’s over there… Yeah, over THERE… Along with some other great acts like Becky N, Simon Piler, Frogville, The Wheelies and tons more! A link to the site is in the linkage section, or click on the picture below!

In other news, the Fig Mints will be featured covering Elf Power’s “The Secret Ocean” and maybe something else on an Elephant 6 covers album via CLLCT; the site that the White Christmas album (below) was released on. Keep an eye (and maybe a couple of ears) out for it this summer!

Be real.

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