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Good News; Bad Cello (check it)

Hey, there’s a new Daydream Generation download out!!! Yeah, took me by surprise, too. But there’s a new Fig Mints demo nestled comfortably in the midst of a lot of great psych/folk/rock/et cetera that spans two downloads of goodness. Click the picture to get to The Daydream Generation website. Or just go to and look around (there are a lot of great records for FREE download including all 11 of the Daydream comps. The Figs are somewhere in there, too!)

And now that it’s summer, we’re looking to get back on the wagon and get some real work done with the next full length and maybe an EP as long as time and circumstances allow. Yup, things are still in the works and moving way too slowly to resemble anything like making progress, so we’re hoping to change that up soon.

If you’ve got some time and feel like checking out some really, really good music, dig my buddy Zeno doing his thing at This stuff is stellar, and he tours around so show some support!

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