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We Love You, Daydream Generation!

Hey, the mixing of the album is getting tedious, so I felt like I had to release something to break up the frustration. Up now for streaming at and free download in the music section is a four song EP featuring a new song from the new record, and some other stuff.

Check it!!!

In other, equally important news, the newest Daydream Generation compilation is out! It features the Fig Mints covering Guided By Voices’ Peep-Hole, as well as The Real Burnouts, the Wheelies, Becky N, Simon Piler and the Atom Band, Dead Canaries, and so much more that you need to download it twice! Get on over to or to get some great tunes to add to what’s left of the glorious summer sunshine. We love the Daydream Generation, and everyone else should, too!

New Songs! New Community! New Record! New news!

Hey! Been a while…

So Quixodelic #3 is out, and an outtake from the new album, Say Okay, is on it. Smally did a little write up for what’s going on, so do be kind and click on the picture to visit the daydream generation for more details!

My deepest apologies to Smally and the Daydream Generation for not throwing that out there sooner, as Quixo 3 has been out longer than Elephant 6 #2, which I’ve posted below… Smally pours his heart and soul into his wife and family, and the fact that he still finds time to keep up with the DG and a day job is a testament to how big this guy’s heart and soul are, so go there and show some love!

Just finished a day at the studio figuring out the last song that needs to be tracked for the new record, so a good solid couple more daze, and it should be ready to master and have out for the masses to masticate and digest, hopefully without any undesirable side effects…

…And now for the weird news…

The Fig Mints have joined yet another social network… But this one really seems fit for what real people who make real music really need, so it probably won’t meet the slow, painful demise of the Myspace site, or the quick, painful demise of the Facebook/Reverb Nation accounts. Follow the link below to get to my CLLCT page, and after you’re done there, look around. Loads of great stuff up there; a lot of DG participants, too!

Happy Summer solstice, everyone!

Elephant 6 Fanfare

Alright, so there’s a really big Elephant 6 covers album up for a free listen over at CLLCT. The Fig Mints have covered Elf Power’s The Secret Ocean, as was mentioned before, so get on over and listen to the whole damn thing, already!

click here to go there…

And while you’re there, look around. There are some great acts hanging about just waiting to be heard for FREE!

another place to go

Hey, there’s a new Daydream site up, completely devoted to Quixodelic releases! It’s one-stop-shopping at its finest, so get ready for a flood of free freakouts and mindfucks. My leftovers EP, “The Passionate Misunderstanding” showed up on the Daydream Generation first, before making it over here, and now it’s over there… Yeah, over THERE… Along with some other great acts like Becky N, Simon Piler, Frogville, The Wheelies and tons more! A link to the site is in the linkage section, or click on the picture below!

In other news, the Fig Mints will be featured covering Elf Power’s “The Secret Ocean” and maybe something else on an Elephant 6 covers album via CLLCT; the site that the White Christmas album (below) was released on. Keep an eye (and maybe a couple of ears) out for it this summer!

Be real.

new (old) video…

VSometime in the early Spring of 2005, local artist and mystic Alex Jager asked if he could film me walking around, playing my guitar in various parts of Utica. The aim was to make a video for the song You Got Too Much, Son, from Enjoy It While You Can. Well, one early morning Alex dragged my hangover out of bed and poured me into his car, dragged me all over splendid Oneida County, and got the footage he needed. A week or so later, a DVD appeared in my mailbox of a rough draft of a video, and after being lost for a few years, I’ve finally uncovered it and threw it in the videos section for all to enjoy. So get to the videos section and enjoy it, already… Thanks, Alex, wherever you are…

Updated updates…

Hey, the new Daydream Generation comp is up, everybody! Yeah, it’s been up for quite some time, but I don’t get around to updating much.

I know I’m just yelling into the abyss here, but it helps me occupy my time. My new song is available on the comp, called What Happened to Holiday, and I’m pretty proud of it, for what it’s worth. Pat Bulinski did a video. Dig it in the new videos section, which I’ll try to update as much as I can. Working on a video for Strung Out Sentries from the last record, so keep on checking, if indeed anyone besides myself has ever seen this space…

The White (Christmas) Album

Hey everyone! Wait… I don’t think anyone even comes around here… Ah, fuck it…

The White (Christmas) Album is up, and Fig Mints have covered Back in the USSR. Yeah, that’s right. Back in the friggin USSR.  Tried my best to sound like Paul McCartney on Quaaludes. Check the link below for a free listen/download! There are loads of great talent on the record, and it includes the last song the Wheelies ever plan to record, so get it and love it!!!

Download and/or listen for free here:

This is as official as it gets.

Still under construction for what it’s worth. Gotta put the albums up and do the paypal thingie for the new record (only $8!). It’s understood that most people probably wouldn’t want to send a check in the mail to someone they don’t know, so I’ll risk the big brother bullshit. Gotta add the shipping, though, so expect to be paying $10 in the long run, unless I crunch numbers and decide that I can live with it.

News??? Well, ain’t no news at the moment. Still looking for a live band (very passively). Anyone can play guitar? Maybe get a hold of me if you’re one of those people.

Exercises In Futility is out with some good feedback. Read the review on the Daydream Generation/Utica Flower Company site.

Eventually gonna get some videos up, too. Thanks to my good friend Bobo for being so damn patient and donating his time to make stuff with me.

Expect more as time goes on, cos I know it’s looking pretty unimpressive at the moment. All my fault, cos Tim did a fine job setting things up for me and I’m dragging my feet.

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Be excellent to each other.