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Howdy, Strangers…

Well, if I wasn’t screaming into the void two years ago, I sure as shit am now…

Ah, well. I figured it’s time to get back on the horse since I’ve lost about two years to navigating the rough and murky waters of grief, anxiety, depression, psychotropic medication-cum-benzodiazepine addiction, and the education-industrial complex. The Fig Mints have been on a recording hiatus due to lack of a comfortable environment in which to record, but a recent move to an infinitely more tolerable practice space has put the spring back in my step, and the tunes should start flowing shortly.


As of now the Figs have enough written material for two full albums! Of course, only a tiny fraction of that is recorded at present, but we’re working on it. I leaked a few on Soundcloud a while back, but the rest will be kept under wraps until we’re all like BOOM and you’re like WHAAAAAAAT???



So you get the picture. A new EP is coming out on Rochester, NY’s Dadstache Records split with the real burnouts, and a full length hopefully by the end of the year if we really hit it hard… We’re flipping the script and recording digitally but putting out that all-too-hip cassette shit now, so stay tuned!


Also, I’ve been playing guitar in my buddy Connor’s band Comfy. They’re fucking awesome and you need them in your life. Check out the Bandcamp page by going to


We’re on Instagram and Twitter! Check us out @fig_mints!

Here’s an example of what you might find:

You get the idea…

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