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New Daydream Generation Comps!

Up now for free download are the last two Daydream Generation compilations! Yeah, we’ve all heard the word “last” from Smally before, but each time seems more and more final and this just might be it, kiddies. No worries though; will remain in business for all you cats and kittens who haven’t downloaded each and every one of the countless wonderful records available for free, and surely there will be more to come!

The Fig Mints are proud to have been featured on each and every one of the DG comps. Number 10 is another place to hear “We Love You”, the single from the imminent album, Say Okay; and the Best Of DG features “A Piece of Fluff (For the Record Breaker)” from the album Exercises in Futility (available for a measly 5 bux in the music section of the site).

On the new music front, the wheels continue to spin. There is a new album in the works, which will be released for free by Winter’s end; Say Okay, which will be up for purchase before Springtime; and Bad Age for the Underdog, which will be worked on if not completed by the end of 2011, so watch out, world!

Keep your ears and minds open, kids!

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