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New Songs! New Community! New Record! New news!

Hey! Been a while…

So Quixodelic #3 is out, and an outtake from the new album, Say Okay, is on it. Smally did a little write up for what’s going on, so do be kind and click on the picture to visit the daydream generation for more details!

My deepest apologies to Smally and the Daydream Generation for not throwing that out there sooner, as Quixo 3 has been out longer than Elephant 6 #2, which I’ve posted below… Smally pours his heart and soul into his wife and family, and the fact that he still finds time to keep up with the DG and a day job is a testament to how big this guy’s heart and soul are, so go there and show some love!

Just finished a day at the studio figuring out the last song that needs to be tracked for the new record, so a good solid couple more daze, and it should be ready to master and have out for the masses to masticate and digest, hopefully without any undesirable side effects…

…And now for the weird news…

The Fig Mints have joined yet another social network… But this one really seems fit for what real people who make real music really need, so it probably won’t meet the slow, painful demise of the Myspace site, or the quick, painful demise of the Facebook/Reverb Nation accounts. Follow the link below to get to my CLLCT page, and after you’re done there, look around. Loads of great stuff up there; a lot of DG participants, too!

Happy Summer solstice, everyone!

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