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Hey, why not download (or buy) an album and write up a review? I don’t care if you’re some bored kid blowing weed smoke through a spoof in your bedroom, editor of some hip fanzine, or Bob friggin’ Guccione, Jr. All the same to me, mates. Check the contact tab to get a hold of me, yeah? I’ll even put up the bad reviews if they’re funny.

Smally’s review of Pretend to be Proud (link)

A review of Exercises In Futility on (link)

A review of the Quixodelic Records EP release “The Passionate Misunderstanding” (link)

My own write-up on “The Passionate Misunderstanding” (link)

A really old interview by Smally of the Wheelies/Daydream/Utica Flower Co./et al. (link)

More to come eventually (fingers crossed!)