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Something Strange…

So I go to college, right? Well, kinda… I attend classes at a community college in Utica, NY. Anyway, I was approached by my good friend and boss about producing a song that members of the nursing department wrote to go with a video that would be entered into a national contest, so I figured why not? So I recorded and mixed the song for them… And a fellow student filmed the video, which was produced by my friend and boss who did the fitness ninja stuff that you can see in the videos section… So anyway the video was entered into this national contest… And it kinda won. Weird. Maybe I should just hang up the original music and start producing other peoples’ stuff, eh?

So I figured I’d share it with y’all cos it put a bit of wind in my sails… It ain’t rock and roll by any stretch of the imagination, but these ladies are feelin’ it and I’m proud of ‘em.

In other news, the summer will bring much recording, and hopefully two EP’s and a full album from the Figs. Thinking about vinyl, but I ain’t got the dough… I hear kickstarter is good for that, but we’ll cross that bridge when and if, eh?


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