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We Love You, Daydream Generation!

Hey, the mixing of the album is getting tedious, so I felt like I had to release something to break up the frustration. Up now for streaming at and free download in the music section is a four song EP featuring a new song from the new record, and some other stuff.

Check it!!!

In other, equally important news, the newest Daydream Generation compilation is out! It features the Fig Mints covering Guided By Voices’ Peep-Hole, as well as The Real Burnouts, the Wheelies, Becky N, Simon Piler and the Atom Band, Dead Canaries, and so much more that you need to download it twice! Get on over to or to get some great tunes to add to what’s left of the glorious summer sunshine. We love the Daydream Generation, and everyone else should, too!

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